What is Granite?
What is Granite?

Granite is formed as a result of the cooling and crystallization of source rocks called magma. Magma is formed as a result of erosion of rocks in the earth's crust and volcanic activities. During cooling and crystallization, different minerals crystallize and the structure of granite is formed. The colors of granite depend on the types and amounts of minerals in it.

Granite is a dense, hard and durable type of rock. It is mainly composed of minerals such as limestone, feldspar and mica. As a very frequently used material, it is used in applications such as decoration and floor coverings, bathroom and kitchen countertops in homes and workplaces.


What are the Usage Areas of Granite?

Granite is a widely used material for a variety of reasons and has many different applications. It is often used especially in the construction industry. The following applications show the areas where granite is commonly used:

    - Floor coverings: Granite is used as a durable and aesthetic option for floor coverings.
    - Countertop: Widely used for kitchen and bathroom countertops.
    - Wall coverings: Granite can also be used for wall coverings.
    - Marble: It can be used as a high-end decoration material, such as marble.
    - Exterior cladding: Granite can be used for the exterior of buildings.
    - Monuments and sculpture: Used as a durable and long-lasting material for outdoor applications such as monuments and sculpture.


In Which Countries Is Granite Produced Most?

Granite is produced in many different countries around the world. However, some countries are more active in granite production and have become world-renowned granite producers. The following countries are the leading countries in granite production:

    - Brazil
    - Italy
    - India
    - Spain
    - Chinese

In these countries, granite is mined and sold to customers around the world. In addition, the regions where granite is produced may differ according to the countries.


Granite in Turkey

Turkey is an important country in terms of granite production and export. Granite quarries in the country are located especially in the Marmara, Aegean and Mediterranean regions. Turkey plays an important role in the Europe and Middle East region in terms of granite production and export. Granites produced in Turkey are exported to customers around the world and offer high quality and aesthetically pleasing products.